Daily Life on the Beach from the 1920s 9

The following are events that happened in the United States in the year 1925.



  • July 10 – Scopes Trial: In Dayton, Tennessee, the so-called "Monkey Trial" begins with John T. Scopes, a young high school science teacher, accused of teaching evolution in violation of a Tennessee state law.
  • July 21 – Scopes Trial: In Dayton, Tennessee, high school biology teacher John T. Scopes is found guilty of teaching evolution in class and fined $100.
  • August 14 – The original Hetch Hetchy Moccasin Powerhouse is completed and goes on line.
  • September 3 – The U.S. Navy dirigible Shenandoah breaks up in a squall line over Ohio en route to Scottfield, St. Louis; 14 crewmen are killed.
  • September 1 to 30 – In the first year for which statewide data are reliable, this month with a statewide average water equivalent of 7.54 inches (191.5 mm) remains Alaska’s wettest calendar month on record.[4]





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