In the 1920s and 1930s Jewish gangsters united to form large-scale businesses that dealt in prostitution, extortion, drugs and bootlegging. They also went into the assassination business to ensure that they remained in power throughout the major cities of the United States. Some Jewish gangsters united with their Italian contemporaries and functioned under Mafia rules. By the Second World War, battles over turf and arrests by the Federal Bureau of Investigation had convinced many of these people to go legitimate and they moved to Las Vegas and went into the entertainment business. 

What is interesting is that some of the Jewish mobsters, such as David Berman, fought valiantly during the war or supported the Allied effort in other ways such as protecting the docks and ports where they remained in power.



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Moshe "Morris" Levy

Bodyguard and General to Chinese Nationalist Army

Two-Gun Levy was a real person named Morris Cohen and given the nickname "2-Gun" because he always carried two guns. He protected both Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek from 1911 until his death in the 1950s.

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Pinchas Levy

Poet and Warrior

Pinchas Levy participated in a love battle that became the talk of Ottoman Palestine. He fought with the Jewish Legion in WWI and then settled down at one of the first Kibbutzim.

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Dovid "Davey Boy" Levy

Head of the Freedman Gang and Mobster

David Levy joined one of the lower East side New York City gangs and eventually became head of one of the most notorious mobs in the US.

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Leah Levy

Bolshevik revolutionary

Leah Levy was a member of the wealthy and influential Polyakov family who became disillusioned and radicalized. She joined the Bolsheviks and through much suffering remained a member of the Communist party until her death in the late 1950s.